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Bulletproof™ Powder (Vanilla)


Bulletproof™ Powder (Vanilla)

VanillaMax is made from 100% lab-tested, low heated Madagascar vanilla beans. VanillaMax transforms boring low-carbohydrate desserts into something that tastes rich and flavorful.

Use VanillaMax in desserts, in Bulletproof Coffee, in a protein shake with Upgraded Whey or Upgraded Collagen, and anything else you like!

Benefits include:

  • Makes Desserts Taste Like the Real Thing - VanillaMax is ground perfectly from 100% high quality Madagascar vanilla beans. This makes your low-carb desserts as rich as regular sweets.
  • Saves You Money - Most vanilla powders are mixed with fillers that decrease the quality and concentration of vanilla. VanillaMax has no useless fillers, so you can use far less while getting even more flavor and benefits.
  • Makes Bulletproof Coffee Even Better - VanillaMax and Bulletproof Coffee go together like peas and carrots.

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