"Changing Your Skin From The Inside Out"
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PLEASE READ:  If you are one of the many who purchased samples of this product for $5 over the web and then was placed on auto shipping;  I am NOT the company you wish to deal with, my company is Skinology Skincare, LLC.  Please look at my products (Baby Foot, Pruvit Ketto//Os, IMAGE, CBI & Osmosis Skincare), I do not sell any privately labeled items nor do I offer auto shipping.   Your are one of many people who purchased products over the internet and got caught in a marketing scam, contact your bank and Better Business Bureau!   This is the following information that was shared from people in your same situation. If you find out any additional information please let me know so that I may share it with others:
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2150 Comstock Street
San Diego, CA 92171
Phone # 1.877.673.1233